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“I had an extraordinary experience with Alice Crystal Healer. Alice used Energy healing, crystals, sound and aroma.  Alice has a lot of knowledge and passion for crystal healing and the session left me feeling completely rejuvenated and at peace. The positive energy and personalized approach made me feel cared for and I can't wait to return for another session. Highly recommended for anyone seeking holistic healing and a truly uplifting experience.”

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts on my Google Business Profile page.
Your feedback means the world to me, and I'm excited to let you know that this list is regularly updated to showcase the latest reviews.

Feel lighter, brighter, and energised. Get in touch to book your healing session with me in person or online. 

One-to-one Energy Healing Session

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Quin Community Centre, Quin, Co. Clare V95RX75 

(one-to-one, by appointment only)

Ennis Orchard Wellness Centre

(one-to-one, by appointment only)

Harmony Row, Lifford, Ennis, Co. Clare, V95 TN80

Saturday 10a.m. to 7p.m. 







On those days, you have the opportunity to connect with Rina for insightful  Mediumship and Tarot readings.

To schedule a session, make your reservation directly through Rina's website at:

Pick Service:

Thank you for submitting, I will reply to you shortly. 

Sound Bath Events

clonmel bed.jpg

Orchard Wellness Centre one-to-one energy healing

Clonmel Holistic Fair 2023


Future Sound Bath dates at that location- Orchard Wellness Centre, Ennis, V95 TN80 Group of 6. 








Price List one-to-one Experience

Crystal/Energy Healing 45min 


Crystal/Energy Healing 30min 


Group Sound Bath price pp


Tarot Angel & Oracle Card reading - in person or Zoom/ WhatsApp

Corporate Parties Sound Bath Experience - Please contact me for pricing.


Feel lighter, brighter, and energised. Get in touch to book your energy healing session with me in person or online. 

My Story

My journey into the world of crystal and energy healing began with a small, wounded stray kitten and a heart full of compassion.

When I was just ten years old, I stumbled upon a tiny, injured kitten in need of care and love. I couldn't bear to leave it alone, so I brought it home, hoping to mend its wounds and give it a better life. While the physical wounds healed, the kitten remained deeply stressed and depressed.

In our village, there was a renowned energy crystal healer and a very accurate fortune teller, someone who held a reputation for her incredible abilities. I was determined to help the kitten find peace, so I embarked on a mission. I saved my pocket money for two whole months, inching closer to the amount needed to visit this local healer.

Finally, the day came when I had enough to bring the kitten to her. She worked her magic, not only healing the little one but also recognizing something special in me. She told me I had a unique gift and offered to teach me the art of energy and crystal healing.

With her guidance, I delved into this enchanting world every Saturday afternoon. It was there that I began to understand the profound connection between crystals, energy, and healing. I learned to channel these energies to bring comfort, relief, and transformation to those in need.

Over the years, my journey led me to become a certified crystal and energy healer, and today, I am privileged to offer this gift to clients from all corners of the world. My mission is to share the profound benefits of crystal healing and energy work, just as it transformed the life of that wounded kitten and mine.

Now, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of healing and self-discovery. Explore the world of crystals and energy healing with me, and together, let's unlock the potential for wellness and positivity within you.

If you're ready to experience the magic for yourself, don't hesitate to reach out.



Many blessings,
Alice Luthien
Crystal and Pure Energy Healer


Transform and unwind with crystal, pure energy healing and a sound bath. 

Crystal Healing

Healing crystals work by harnessing and amplifying energy vibrations. These minerals are said to possess different frequencies that resonate with specific aspects of our being. When in contact with our bodies, these crystals can influence our energy fields, chakras, and overall well-being. The principles behind how healing crystals work are based on a combination of ancient wisdom, spiritual beliefs, and modern metaphysical practices.

Chakras are energy centres within our bodies, and there are seven main chakras that align along the spine. Each chakra is associated with specific emotions, organs, and areas of life. Healing crystals are believed to correspond to these chakras, helping to unblock and balance them, which leads to improved physical and emotional health.

Crystal healing can be used to help with many ailments including trauma or even a broken heart.
The session will start off with a discussion of how you’re feeling and what you would like to achieve during our crystal healing session. I will then cleanse your aura and utilise different crystals to help unblock energies and repair damaged vibrations, all in a relaxing environment.


Alice Luthien Crystal Healer

Sound Bath

Sound baths provide a unique and therapeutic experience by immersing you in a sea of soothing vibrations and harmonious sounds.


These sessions leverage the power of sound to restore balance and relaxation to the mind, body, and spirit. The ancient practice of sound healing draws inspiration from a combination of traditional wisdom, spiritual philosophies, and modern holistic approaches.

During a sound bath, I utilize a variety of instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and more, each with its distinct tone and frequency. These instruments correspond to different energy centers and emotions within the body.

The sound vibrations produced during a sound bath are thought to resonate with chakras, helping to release blockages, realign energy flow, and restore equilibrium. This can result in a sense of deep relaxation, stress reduction, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

Sound baths are versatile and can be beneficial for a wide range of issues, from alleviating stress and anxiety to promoting emotional healing and self-discovery. In a typical sound bath session, we begin by discussing your current state of mind and your intentions for the session.


I will then create a calming and meditative environment using the chosen instruments, immersing you in a symphony of sounds that wash over you, working to unblock energies, and enhance your overall sense of inner peace and balance.

Pure Energy Healing

At its core, energy healing is based on the belief that the human body is not only composed of physical elements but also an intricate web of energy. This energy, often referred to as "life force" or "chi," flows through channels known as meridians or energy centres called chakras.


My pure energy healing sessions aim to restore the balance and flow of this vital energy to promote health and well-being. Energy healing operates on the principle that imbalances or blockages in the body's energy field can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. By using various techniques, I will work to clear these blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely and facilitate the body's natural healing process.

Pure energy healing sessions are similar to ‘reiki’, which involves the utilisation of different crystals, solfeggio frequencies, and my hands to disturb different frequencies and vibrations to ‘clear’ different pathways, leaving you feeling lighter and free.

My Certificates

Experience revitalisation at it’s best. 


Alice Luthien Crystal Healer FAQs

What can I expect during my crystal healing or pure energy healing session?

People may experience a variety of sensations during a healing session, including warmth, tingling, or a sense of peace and relaxation. These feelings are signs of the energy flow and its positive effects.

What are the effects of crystal healing or pure energy healing session?

Individuals often feel rejuvenated and emotionally lighter after a healing session. They may also experience improved sleep and heightened clarity of thought.

How do you know what crystals to use?

Every healing session begins by discussing your concerns, health history, and intentions for the session. This assessment helps me understand your needs and tailor the healing process accordingly.

Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

Unwavering Respect

I deeply honour your choices and beliefs. Your path to healing is uniquely yours, and I'll support it without imposing my views.

Sacred Confidentiality

Your trust is sacred to me. Any shared information will remain strictly confidential unless you permit me to share it for your benefit.

All-Inclusive Love

My healing space is free from judgment. Every soul, regardless of race, gender, faith, or background, is welcomed with open arms.

Honesty and Integrity

I'll always be transparent about my methods and their potential benefits. No false promises, just genuine guidance.

Professional Grace

I uphold professionalism, punctuality, and clear boundaries, always ensuring your comfort and trust.

Informed Healing

Before every session, I'll fully explain what to expect, including any possible risks or benefits. Your informed consent is my priority.

Safety Guard

I take your safety seriously, using only safe and suitable techniques tailored to your needs.

Lifelong Learning

To serve you better, I commit to continuous learning and growth in energy healing practices.

Empowerment and Compassion

I'm here to empower you. My heart is open to your feelings, offering a safe space to express yourself.

No Medical Advice

I'll never provide medical advice or countermand instructions from a doctor. My role is to complement, not replace, medical care.


I will never recommend multiple or follow-up bookings. It's your journey, and you decide when and how many sessions you need. Your healing pace is respected and honoured.

Your Well-being Matters

I will not conduct a session if I am not completely healthy in body, mind, or spirit. Your session will be rescheduled to a suitable date, or if no suitable date can be found, a full refund will be provided.

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